Insurance process automation and digitalisation

We build any type of web application or program to automate everyday insurance tasks. Free up time and making your business scalable.

Insurance process automation and digitalisation

Are you still doing these manually?

Discover what you can automate

Insurance quotes
Get a website form that calculates premiums with real-time results. Clients choose insurance cover, add their details and get a quote. Integrate any third-party API or webservice.

Customer enquires, forms and registration
Digitalise all forms to your website. We build dynamic forms with complex logic that can perform any calculation.

Insurance policy generation
Allow clients to dynamically generate any pdf document such as an insurance policy on your website so you don’t have to.

Client verification
AI face recognition, digital signatures and blockchain signatures allow clients to self-verify online. This opens the door to complete digitalisation of the underwriting process, removing geographical boundaries between you and your client.

Accept online payments
Allow clients to pay via Paypal, credit or debit card.

Claims automation (reduce processing time 75%)
Smart contracts payout automatically removing the need for insurer verification. The blockchain technology guarantees a tamper-proof method that can be trusted by both parties.
Alternatively, a claims portal allows customers to quickly report an incident through an conversational user interface or chatbot.


Popular automations

Insurance web applications

Get an insurance web app that performs (almost) any task. Calculate premiums, compare prices, chat with clients and suggest cover. Superb UX on all devices. Target audience specific design (young, elderly, families, homeowners).

Any third party integrations

Integrate any third party API or webservice into your website, forms or calculators. Tap into the growing number of APIs driving Open Insurance. Get any data on to your website, fast.

Discover the benefits of

insurance process automation

Insurance process automation will set you business up for the future and brings many benefits. Here are just a few:

All calculations are done in one place removing inconsistency from using multiple spreadsheets and calculators

Texts, forms and emails are all automated and standardised, removing error, creating reliability and profesionality.

Once you have your entire insurance process online, you can potentially process an unlimited number of customers in an instant.

Cost savings
Going digital, operations become more efficient, greatly increase cost savings, both for insurers and insureds.

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