A Suite of Insurance Web Apps

Insurance web app

We were asked to build a suite of three insurance web apps for Italian insurer Afi Esca selling mortgage, life and family insurances. Each app is designed for a target audience, allowing clients to get a quote and take out an insurance policy online, without leaving home.

Packing awesomeness

The features

Three products, three designs
Each app is designed for a specific target demographic.

Insurance process 100% online
The underwriting process is completely online: from the quote, through to policy generation and digital signature, so the customer can take out a policy from home.

Dynamic policy generation
Our software dynamically creates the insurance policy with the pricing, T&C and the insured’s personal details. The customer adds their digital signature with a click or by simply tapping (on touchscreen devices).

Choice of guarantees
The client can choose from a range of guarantees offered by the webservice API.

Maximum visibility
Insurance apps are generally one-time use, so native iPhone and Android apps are overkill. We built responsive web apps because they are available on all devices from Android and iPhone to tablets, PC and iMac.

Branded version for brokers
The insurer work with hundreds of brokers. Each broker has a white-label version of the app to offer their customers, with their logo, texts an option to run promotional offers.


The 100% online insurance policy

The advantages of offering the entire underwriting process online are clear: the client can take out an insurance policy from home, and your business model becomes drastically more scalable. But how did we do it?

Take out insurance from your own home

Insurance policy from home

  1. The user adds their personal details and is provided a quote with a choice of guarantees
  2. They take a brief medical survey, upload a photo of an official ID document and register a 5 second video identification selfie (KYC)
  3. A PDF insurance policy is created dynamically
  4. Payment is made online (credit card or Paypal)
  5. The client adds their digital signature by tapping the screen
  6. The signed policy is mailed to the insurer and insured

Jargon-free texts

In an industry notorious for long words, we write pages from the customers point-of-view, in everyday language they understand

Exceptional user experience

Our web applications are fast and ultra-intuitive, with an excellent user experience and high conversion rates.

User experience

Removing friction

Although European insurance involves bureaucracy and regulatory compliance, we found lots of ways to simplify the process and make the insurance web apps easy to use:

Auto-fill personal details
Clients can use their Google account to auto-fill personal details in 2 clicks

Address auto-fill
Google Maps lookup to auto-fill address fields

Minimal texts
We used tooltips and popups for legal blurb, to keep the apps visibly clean whilst keeping the legal information on the page

Simplify to bare essentials
Medical and compliance questionnaires were distilled down to a few one-click answers

Calculated fields
We automatically calculated the legally required tax code (il codice fiscale) from personal data already input to save users digging it out of their drawers!

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