Insurance chatbots and automated customer interactions

Innovative website tools to automate customer interactions. Discover how insurance chatbots, PWAs and push notifications save you time and improve communication with customers.

Insurance chatbots and automated customer interactions

Here’s what you are missing

Improving client interactions

Insurance chatbots
Let chatbots handle customer enquiries: answering questions, providing documents and directing users to the right part of your website.

Progressive web apps (PWA)
Turn your website or web app into a PWA and gain the visibility of a native web app: mobile desktop launch icons, auto-updates and offline availability; without investing in native web apps.

Push notifications
Send highly personalised messages directly to customers on their smartphone, tablet or PC anytime and anywhere. Used wisely, push offer a tremendous opportunity to drive customer engagement though the roof.


The perfect communications strategy

Documentation sections or chatbots?

An obvious alternative to bots is creating a well-organised documentation section, FAQs or video. This is a good idea for any website and has hidden SEO benefits.
The ideal solution is to have a chatbot that works in tandem with your online documentation.

Nailing your communications strategy

There is a fine line between upsetting customers with a robotic, inefficient website lacking the human touch; and a fun, well-organised site where technology does the donkey work, with friendly personnel intervention when appropriate. We help you get this right.

Join the future

Why chatbots are here to stay

Already mainstream in banking, automated customer communications will become an essential part of any competitive insurtech business. Here are a few of the benefits:

Consistent answers
A well organised chatbot quickly provides the correct information to clients, removing human error. All answers are in one place, so no more duplicate and conflicting guidelines.

Gain a competitive edge
Your business can answer hundreds of requests a minute, at almost no cost.

Future-proof your business
AI and machine learning are continually driving chatbot evolution, meaning that they are here to stay.

Cost savings
Once set up, chatbots have low running and maintenance costs making your business more efficient, competitive and scalable.

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