Our Story

We are a web agency specialised in insurance web development. We help digitalise broker and insurance agencies through websites, apps, APIs and front end technology.

What we do

Insurteched are a niche web agency leading the way in the digitalisation and automation of insurance businesses.

We believe passionately that any digitisable process should be digitalised and our mission is to help you achieve it. Why fill out a form, provide a quote, or underwrite a policy in person ever again when your clients can do so on through your website from wherever they want, whenever they want.

We can help you increase productivity, freeing up staff to work on the important tasks like running your company.

How we got here

Insurteched is a UK based company founded by Mike Fitzpatrick in 2020.

After an initial career in banking at HSBC and Nationwide, Mike moved into web development in 2008.

A unique background in both financial services and marketing, lead to flood of contracts from financial service firms in Europe, North America and Saudi Arabia.

With a wealth of experience and successful results with clients you can read about on this site, Mike founded Insurteched: one of the first web agencies to specialise in insurance.

We are now ranked among the top B2B Website Design Companies on Design Rush.

Insurteched mobile splash screen

What you can expect

We crave results and share in your success.

Our aim is to translate your ideas and business needs into high effective web-based solutions.

You can expect a skilled, proactive and dedicated team working in close collaboration with you. We are friendly, efficient, and straight-talking: if we think your idea will or wont work, we tell you. You can rely on professional guidance and proven track record every step of the way.

As you will find out, we don’t like skimping: we do aim to over-deliver on every project.