Easily Create an Insurance Content Strategy that Beats Your Competitors

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Implementing a comprehensive insurance content strategy can position insurance companies and brokers at the top of Google rankings for years. This is the best way to bring in free organic website traffic and reduce the cost per client acquisition when running Google, Facebook or LinkedIn Ad campaigns.

Once the users arrive on your articles, the second task it so set up a marketing funnel that will channel the user towards your online insurance web apps where they can purchase their insurance policy.

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Developing an Insurance Content Strategy

Any effective insurance content strategy actually follows a relatively simple formula:

  • Build up a catalogue of quality cornerstone articles for all of your main insurance products.
  • Aim to answer all of the most important questions a potential user may ask.
  • Generally one page for one question. Some articles will be short (a few paragraphs), others may be several thousand words.
  • On site and on page search engine optimization (this will not work if your website looks drab, is not responsive design, or is slow loading).

The success of your insurance content strategy will depend on the quality of your answers, on page SEO optimization and your competitor websites (in a nutshell: for comparable websites, you will need more useful and better phrased answers than they do).

Why your insurance content strategy will determine your success

PPC ads, online advertising, social network marketing and writing for major online websites are just some of the ways you can find new clients online

But they all cost!

Consider Google Ads – if you have ever had a campaign running for 6 months or more, you will have established a cost per client acquisition. Once your Ad campaign is optimized, this cost per acquisition is more-or-less fixed.

However, once published, a catalogue of high quality articles will bring in free organic traffic for years to come. In turn, this will considerably reduce the cost per online client acquisition, making your business model more competitive.

The truth is, if you don’t balance your PPC campaigns with an effective content strategy, your clients will do, giving them lower running costs than you.

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