Financial Advisors Website

Financial Advisors Website

We were asked to design and build a financial advisors website for french insurer Groupe Burrus. The site is managed by 4 separate companies and used exclusively by wealth professionals.

Packing awesomeness

Website features

The website was built in WordPress for the flexibility and intuitive admin panel the teams can use for blogging. We used PHP and Javascript for customise the plugins and web apps.

4 in 1
The site has been designed for use by four separate companies: each with their own independently managed admin panel, product pages and blog

Fast loading
All our sites and apps are fast loading for an unbeatable user experience

100% customised and branded
The site was built in collaboration with the marketing team to reflect the Group Branding, which consists of over 20 sister companies

Push notifications
The team can send highly personalised messages directly to customers on their smartphone, tablet or PC anytime and anywhere. Push offer a tremendous opportunity to drive customer engagement though the roof

Inbuilt SEO
The site is optimised for search from the outset to maximise traffic from Google

Responsive design
As always, the website responsive, for a seamless user experience on all devices


Instant messaging

Like HTML email and social networks, push notifications allow you to keep in touch with followers, but with an instantaneous, personalised message to their device.

Financial Advisors Website with push notifications

Users can subscribe to push notifications on a choice of subjects – insurance, investment, company news, etc.

The marketing team can group subscribers into segments and send personalised messages (push notifications) directly to the user’s device. The messages appear real-time as a pop-up – they are cannot be missed!

Push have clear advantages over traditional marketing:

  • High open rate: they appear on the users device as a popup, so are very likely to be read
  • Real-time: they are delivered instantly
  • Personalised: the messages can be generic – for example a link to a new blog post or product launch; or they can be targeted, for example, a 30 minute reminder for an online conference.


Built with

My Sql
One Signal
Your team can use the website with autonomy

A website you can manage in-house

  1. We provide an easy-to-use CMS so you can publish content and edit your own website
  2. Access level controls: separate author, content creator, editor and management logins for each level of authorisation
  3. Access control to limit access to specific areas of the site
  4. We also throw in training and documentation so your team become experts in managing your website

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